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Joselito ham with tomato, olive oil and freshly baked ciabattaGluten
Joselito shoulder with tomato, olive oil and freshly baked ciabattaGluten
Mozarella saladMilk, nuts and seeds
Fresh tomato with tuna bellyFish
Sanfilippo anchovies on virgin olive oilFish
Marinated tuna with sushi riceFish, egg, soya, sesame
JoselinniGluten, milk
Patatas bravasEgg
Green peppers stuffed with mushroomsGluten, milk
Joselito ham coquettesMilk, gluten, egg
Green asparagus tempuraGluten, egg, mustard
Candied ammanitas with egg yolk and onion brothEgg
Grilled hake with vegetables in bizkaina sauceFish, gluten
Grilled cod with ratatouilleFish
Grilled salmon with teriyaki, shitake and mustard mayonnaiseSoya, egg, fish, mustard
Joselito Iberian Presa with baked potato and mango chutneyGluten
Iberian cheeks with mashed potatoesMilk, gluten, egg
Grilled chicken with mashed yellow pepper, mustard and watercressMustard, soya
Carrot cake with coconut ice creamGluten, egg, milk
Chocolate mousse con crumbleGluten, egg, milk
Red fruit gratin and cheese ice creamMilk, egg
Cheese ice cream with speculoos and red fruitsGluten, milk
Freshly baked cheesecakeEgg, milk