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Tasting menu

  • Joselito shoulder of pork with tomato, virgin olive oil and freshly baked ciabatta
  • Joselito ham coquettes
  • Marinated tuna with sushi rice
  • Candied ammanitas with egg yolk and onion broth
  • Grilled cod with ratatouille
  • Iberian pork cheeks with mashed potatoes
  • Red berry gratin and cheese ice cream

40.00 € – All dishes included. Can’t be modified or shared. Menu available for groups of two or more people


Joselito ham with tomato, olive oil and freshly baked ciabatta27.00 €
Joselito shoulder of pork with tomato, olive oil and freshly baked ciabatta18.00 €
Mozzarella salad13.50 €
Duck and foie gras salad13.50 €
Fresh tomato with tuna belly13.50 €
Sanfilippo anchovies in virgin olive oil (12 pcs.)24.00 €
Marinated tuna with sushi rice13.00 €
Micuit of foie gras with red fruits jam14.00 €

Hot starters

Josellinis au gratin (Iberian upper loin, melted cheese and foie on crystal bread, crispy crust and soft, honeycombed interior bread) (4 units)20.00 €
Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes with spicy tomato sauce)6.50 €
Mushroom stuffed peppers10.00 €
Joselito ham croquettes8.00 €
Creamy rice with ham12.00 €
Vegetables sautéed with ham12.00 €
Green asparagus tempura14.00 €
Candied ammanitas with egg yolk and onion broth12.00 €


Grilled hake with vegetables in bizkaina sauce18.00 €
Grilled cod with ratatouille18.00 €
Grilled salmon with teriyaki, shitake and mustard mayonnaise18.00 €


Joselito Iberian pluma with baked potato and mango chutney18.00 €
Iberian cheeks with mashed potatoes12.00 €
Grilled chicken with mashed yellow pepper, mustard and watercress12.00 €


Carrot cake with cheese ice cream5.00 €
Chocolate mousse con crumble5.00 €
Red berries gratin and cheese ice 5.00 €
Cheese ice cream with speculoos and red berries5.00 €
Freshly baked cheesecake (2 or 3 people)

Due to preparation time, please order with the first courses
12.00 €

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